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CarbonArmor Fiber Wall Repair
SmartJack Crawl Space Support
Slab Pier Repair
EZ Post Deck Repair
Shotcrete Wall Restoration
Before and After Pictures from Boise
Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing in Boise, Idaho

Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing in Boise, Idaho

Before After
Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing in Boise, Idaho Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing in Boise, Idaho

Concrete storage room in basement has a crack in the wall where water is seeping in.  We repair the crack and install our Basement Waterproofing System for a permanent solution.

CarbonArmor Solves Homeowner's Sudden Onset of Wall Cracks

CarbonArmor Solves Homeowner's Sudden Onset of Wall Cracks

Before After
CarbonArmor Solves Homeowner's Sudden Onset of Wall Cracks CarbonArmor Solves Homeowner's Sudden Onset of Wall Cracks

The sudden appearance of cracks can be a very unsettling sight to most homeowners. These Boise homeowners, upon noticing these cracks appear, had the original builder try to patch the cracks. Unfortunately, the builders solution was less than optimal and didn't solve the problem. To completely solve the homeowners problem, Foundation Supportworks was called.

Our solution was simple and would entirely solve the the homeowner's frustrating foundations cracks for good. We installed our CarbonArmor product to not only seal the crack, but also  provide support to the wall. The homeowners were relieved and happy to finally have a permanent solution to foundation cracks!

SuperSump Pump System and Waterguard Installation in Boise, Idaho

SuperSump Pump System and Waterguard Installation in Boise, Idaho

Before After
SuperSump Pump System and Waterguard Installation in Boise, Idaho SuperSump Pump System and Waterguard Installation in Boise, Idaho

The homeowner in this Boise home found water damage in his basement and needed a solution to fix this water intrusion problem. Our design specialist quickly came and decided on the best solution to fix the issue.

A SuperSump pump system and Waterguard were installed to collect and remove the water from the basement. This waterproofing provided a permanent solution to keep unwanted water out of the basement. 

Basement Waterproofing, Foundation & Crawl Space Repair Contractor Boise, ID

Awesome technology, great crew!  ...
Happy Customers Surrounding Boise, ID
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Foundation Repair Expert in Boise, ID

At Foundation Supportworks of Idaho, we understand that your home's foundation problems can quickly become a serious issue. Our in-house team of foundation repair specialists will come to your home or property and identify the exact issue as well as the best non-invasive option for repair. We have confidence in our work and our foundation products come with a 25 year warranty.  We take pride in our "do it once, do it right" approach, so you can bet that that job will be done right the first time.

Repairs for:
  • Wall Cracks
  • Uneven Floors
  • Settling Foundations
  • Bowing Walls
  • Uneven Concrete Slabs       
We Use: 
  • Foundation & Slab Piers
  • Wall Anchors
  • I-Beam Wall Braces
  • Crawl Space Jack Posts
  • PolyLevel 

Permanent Basement Waterproofing Solutions

If your home's basement has experienced flooding problems, damp walls and flooring, or has a constant smell of mold, odds are that you need basement waterproofing services. We have the skills and expertise to fix any wet basement, and we use our patented basement waterproofing system to fix any and all water problems once and for all.  One of the more popular repair methods we have used in many other Pittsburgh homes is the installation of an interior French drainage system using our WaterGuard® Below-Floor Drain. Our French drainage system works by pumping out any water that enters your basement away using a sump pump before it can ever cause any damage.

  • Wet Basement 
  • Mold 
  • Damp Walls & Flooring
  • Pooling or Standing Water
  • Musty Odors
  • Sump Pump Issues
  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Water Heater Flood Protection
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • French Drainage Systems
  • Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Energy Efficient Dehumidification Systems

Crawl Space Repair

The crawl space plays a pivotal role in your home, and since it is not used nearly as often as other areas, it's hard to know when it needs repairs.  Most homeowners in aren't aware of most crawl space issues, but there are distinct symptoms to be aware of such as cracked drywall in the home, uneven floors, various foul odors, and increased allergy and asthma symptoms. Foundation Supportworks of Idaho uses proven solutions such as our Vapor Barrier crawl space encapsulation system to keep the crawl space dry and also the SmartJack™ stabilizer to fix and prevent sagging floor joists and beams. All crawl space encapsulation systems we install include a written 25 year warranty! Get a FREE crawl space repair consultation today!

We Fix
  • Wet Crawl Spaces
  • Humid and Moldy Crawl Spaces
  • Uneven Floors
  • Sinking Crawl Space Supports
  • Sagging Floor Joists
We Use
  • CleanSpace® Crawl Space Encapsulation System
  • Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Energy Efficiency Dehumidifiers
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • SmartJack™ Crawl Space Stabilizer
Case Studies From Boise
This basement in Boise was flooding and come to find out that there was more to just flooding there was something wrong with the foundation itself...
The homeowner called in the concerns about a brick pillar on the front of the house that is experiencing differential settling and has been starting...
Homeowners called in with concerns about moisture in their crawl space. They not only noticed that their crawlspace was accumulating water on the...
Job Stories From Boise, ID
Supplemental Beams, CleanSpace, and a Suppump in Boise,ID

Becky M. Basement was flooding they search for a solution and called Foundation Supportworks of Idaho and found that there was more to just flooding there was something wrong with her foundation/floor.


The major components for Becky was for Foundation Supportworks to install, CleanSpace, a SupPump and Smart Jack Beams.  which will completely enclose her basement and any water that may come in. The CleanSpace will essentially guide that water to the SupPump so that the pump can kick the water back out. Then the Jack Beams will make the floor above their basement level again and to make sure that it is always supported. 


Now Becky can enjoy a dry, functional basement again. Foundation Supportworks of Idaho was pleased that they could solve Becky's problem. 

Sinking Porch in Boise

A homeowner in Boise owns a lovely home. Surrounded by tall trees in a beautiful neighborhood, this homeowner's back porch had sunken a few inches and was continuing to slowly sink further, causing some of the decorative concrete on the porch to crack. Realizing that it is better to fix the problem earlier rather than later, the homeowner contacted us, hoping we could fix it.

After our design specialist analyzed the situation, he recommended helical piers to lift the porch. The homeowner accepted his advice and followed through with the project to lift the porch. We installed the piers and restabilize the porch.


Settling Foundation and Sinking Floors in Boise ID

A homeowner in Boise noticed his foundation cracking and began wondering if his foundation was settling. There was a floor inside the house that was sagging, leaving a gap in a few places between the beautiful hardwood floor and the baseboards. Worried about his property, he contacted us in need of a permanent solution.

Our design specialist traveled to his home to evaluate the situation. We proposed Smartjacks to stabilize his floors, which he gratefully accepted. We quickly sent out our fabulous installation crew out and they successfully installed the Smartjacks, lifting the floors.

The homeowner was delighted with the lifted floors and was glad he decided to follow through with the project.

Conditioned Crawl Space with Dehumidifier & Filtration system in Boise, Idaho

This Crawl Space in Southeast Boise had moisture issues from a broken pipe. The moisture has caused a terrible odor in their living area. The homeowner called in wanting to have the moisture issues solved and an encapsulation, venting, and moisture control. Moisture issues are not only bad for your home, but it is also a detrimental to your health. Moisture will quickly cause mold which can then cause major health issues. With these concerns, the homeowner gave us a call at Foundation Supportworks of Idaho and we turned their crawl space into a healthy, conditioned, clean space!

After a free, no obligation estimate, we were ready to transform this wet, stinky crawl space into a safe, healthy crawl space. We wanted to ensure that this homeowner’s home would stay healthy and safe for years to come, and this required installing out industry leading waterproofing products.

First, we put in a SaniDry Sedona with a condensate pump and Smart Drain to eliminate damp, musty odors in the crawl space by drying and filtering the air.

Secondly, CleanSpace Vent Covers, which permanently seals the crawl space vents.

Thirdly, we put in SilverGlo insulation, it boasts a radiant barrier, which reflects hear back into your crawl space for ultimate energy savings.

Fourthly, and the final step to encapsulate the crawl space with CleanSpace liner which is 20 mil, seven-ply barrier. With an exceptional impact, puncture, and brute tear resistance. CleanSpace is treated with UltraFresh antimicrobial finish to prevent mold growth also.

There is no doubt that this homeowner is enjoying a odor free living area as well as a crawl space that is completely conditioned. That is peace of mind!


Conditioned Crawl Space with Dehumidifier & Filtration system in Boise, Idaho - Photo 1Conditioned Crawl Space with Dehumidifier & Filtration system in Boise, Idaho - Photo 2Conditioned Crawl Space with Dehumidifier & Filtration system in Boise, Idaho - Photo 3Conditioned Crawl Space with Dehumidifier & Filtration system in Boise, Idaho - Photo 4Conditioned Crawl Space with Dehumidifier & Filtration system in Boise, Idaho - Photo 5Conditioned Crawl Space with Dehumidifier & Filtration system in Boise, Idaho - Photo 6
Permanently Stabilize Walls - CarbonArmor

Real Estate Agent called in with a home under contract.  The home was built in 1968, and during the inspection the crack in the foundation was discovered. In order to move forward with the purchase, the crack needed to be stabilized. This crack is a horizontal crack in the foundation in the Crawl Space. Our Customer Care representative reassured the Agent that they called the right place. Upon the arrival our System Design Specialist examined the foundation and presented a product as the solution. 

The major component of the new homeowner Benjamin’s crack repair system includes the installation of our CarbonArmor Wall Reinforcing system. We at Foundation Supportworks Of Idaho are happy to provide this innovative product to stabilize and prevent any further damage for the new happy owner of the home.


Permanently Stabilize Walls - CarbonArmor - Photo 1Permanently Stabilize Walls - CarbonArmor - Photo 2Permanently Stabilize Walls - CarbonArmor - Photo 3Permanently Stabilize Walls - CarbonArmor - Photo 4Permanently Stabilize Walls - CarbonArmor - Photo 5
Sinking Foundation Lifted in Boise, ID

Homeowners' were concerned about their foundation which had settled. There was noticeable signs and damage from where the home had settled. Worried of further damage occurring, they gave us a call to see if we could fix the problem. We sent over our expert to analyze the situation.

We installed three of our Push Piers using a standard bracket, to add support to the foundation. Soil was excavated at each pier location to install these. Once the soil was back-filled and tamped, we were able to lift and restore the foundation. Now these owners will be worry free about their home settling any further.

Sinking Foundation Lifted in Boise, ID - Photo 1Sinking Foundation Lifted in Boise, ID - Photo 2Sinking Foundation Lifted in Boise, ID - Photo 3
Sagging Floor Fixed in Boise, ID

A homeowner had just closed on her new home. She bought it just a few days prior to us coming to visit. Her mom had called us to schedule a time to look at the floor in the house. There was a slope that was present that made it feel as if having to go uphill when walking throughout the home. The owner wanted repairs done to the structural supports under the floor prior to the new flooring that she was going to put in.

The cause of this sagging floor was a floor joist that did not have adequate support. To fix this issue, our installers set up a SmartJack to provide stability and minimize the slope in the floor. Now, this new homeowner can lay the new floor with confidence that the slope will no longer be of an issue.

Water Intrusion Problems in Boise, ID Basement

Melting snow and rain is great for Idaho, but bad for your property and can lead to water intrusion problems. This was the case when we received a call from the homeowner whose renter noticed water in his bedroom and bathroom in the basement.

Once the initial signs of water intrusion issues were recognized by the owner, our expert was able to go out and evaluate the home for solutions. Upon evaluation of the home, we determined a WaterGuard perimeter drain would catch unwanted water intrusion. We installed the drain along the perimeter of the bedroom and bathroom to effectively collect and keep water out. A SuperSump sump pump was also installed to remove collected water a safe distance from the house. With our expert's knowledge and experience, this owner's water problems were quickly solved.

Water Intrusion Problems in Boise, ID Basement - Photo 1Water Intrusion Problems in Boise, ID Basement - Photo 2
Repairing Foundation Cracks on House in Boise, ID

Cracks in a foundation is never a good sign. Multiple cracks are an even worse sign! These homeowners from Boise had several major cracks in the foundation. At two locations the cracks extended from the the stem wall all the way through the footing! These cracks also caused other problems such as cracks in the interior drywall. Because of these problems, the homeowners called the experts at Foundation SupportWorks of Idaho to fix their problem permanently and professionally.  

Several helical piers were installed around the foundation of the house to help lift and stabilize the foundation to stop the cracks from spreading and getting worse. The homeowners were greatly relieved to have their foundation stabilized and knowing that the cracks in their foundation would not get any worse or cause any more problems to their home.

Repairing Foundation Cracks on House in Boise, ID - Photo 1
Basement Waterproofing Project After A Rainstorm

After a recent rain storm, the homeowners discovered that water was intruding into their basement through a window that was bowing out. They called Foundation Supportworks to permanently solve their problem. To make sure water would never be able to pool up in their basement, a sump pump and lawnscape was installed to pump out and safely displace water from the basement. Carbon armor was installed to permanently fix the crack that had formed due to the bowing window.  The homeowners were extremely pleased with the new and permanent fix to their waterproofing woes. 

Standing Water Discovered in Crawlspace in Boise, ID

This pair of homeowners, one day, discovered that water had started to collect in their crawlspace. Being unaware of the source, they called Foundation Supportworks of Idaho to come out and solve their standing water problem.  To completely solve the problem, several products were installed to take care of the problem and to prevent it from happening again. First, SmartPipe was installed and tied into the existing drainage system. Then a SumpPump was installed to pump out and keep out all the standing water. Finally, a SaniDry condensation pump kit was installed to completely remove all condensation that was still in the crawlspace. The homeowners were extremely grateful for permanently fixing their crawlspace waterproofing dilemma.

Basement Wall Crack in Boise, ID

Homeowners in Boise discovered that one of their basement walls had a noticeable crack in it. While no water had leaked out of it, they decided it was best to repair the crack correctly and quickly. They called Foundation Supportworks to come out and fix the crack. Foundation Supportworks came out and installed Carbon Armor to fix and stabilize the wall so the wall would not continue to crack. This solved the homeowners problem perfectly, for which they were very appreciative for.

Musty Odor Coming from the Basement

Homeowners living in Boise, Idaho discovered a musty odor coming up from their basement. Upon further examination, they noticed water was also present in their basement. The homeowners called FSI and both parties agreed that several products would be needed to solve their problem. These products included Iceguard, SuperSump, and Waterguard with an inspection port. Upon installing these products, the homeowners problem was fixed and the products will also prevent the problem from returning.

Basement Wall Improvement and Waterproofing Home Project in Boise, ID

These Boise homeowners noticed that that their drywall had a crack in it and that one of their basement walls was flaking off a white substance where the wall was wet.  They were concerned about mold and structural damage. To completely fix the problem Powerbrace, Brightwall, Iceguard, Lawnscape, Supersump, and Waterguard with an inspection port. These products solved the homeowners problem completely, which the homeowners were extremely grateful for! Another job well done!

Expanding Existing Basement Waterproofing Protection in Boise, ID

Homeowners living in Boise felt that their existing waterproofing system needed to be upgraded and expanded for more complete protection. Foundation Supportworks of Idaho installed IceGuard, a TripleSafe sump pump, WaterGuard, and CleanSpace to fulfill the homeowners wishes. Products were installed smoothly and the homeowners were very grateful and appreciative!

Foundation Crack Repair in Boise, ID

Homeowner noticed slight water intrusion into basement through a crack in the foundation wall. FlexiSpan was installed to permanently fix the problem. 

Complete Basement Waterproofing in Boise, ID

Homeowners noticed that water was leaking into their basement from two different sources. To fix the entire problem BrightWall panels were installed to deal with the leakage problem. WaterGuard, WaterGuard Port, TripleSafe, IceGuard, LawnScape Outlet, and Sanidry with ducts were installed to keep basement dry.

SmartJack System in Boise, Idaho

Cracks in drywall.  SmartJack System is installed to stabilize, support and lift the structure.

SmartJack System in Boise, Idaho - Photo 1SmartJack System in Boise, Idaho - Photo 2
WaterGuard Sub-Floor Drainage System in Boise, Idaho

Water intrusion in basement of home.  WaterGuard sub-floor drainage system and SuperSump Pump System solve the problem.

WaterGuard Sub-Floor Drainage System in Boise, Idaho - Photo 1WaterGuard Sub-Floor Drainage System in Boise, Idaho - Photo 2
Helical Pier System in Boise, Idaho

Soil shifted and structure settled.  Foundation repair and helical pier system fix the problem and damaged areas.

Helical Pier System in Boise, Idaho - Photo 1
SilverGlo Insulation with CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Homeowners noticed evident water damage in home.  CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation is chosen to solve the problem.  Homeowners decide SilverGlo Insulated Panels complete the install.

SilverGlo Insulation with CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System - Photo 1
How Long will CleanSpace Last?

John in Coeur D Alene has a home up in near Huetter on the Snake River. Every few years he checks out his crawlspace just to make sure it’s in good shape, and every year the thin black 6 mil liner is hanging down in areas and serving no purpose. John has replaced the liner 5 times in the last 15 years! “I keep up on every area of my house because one day I plan to sale it” John said.

He started to look for a vapor barrier that would last longer and came with a great warranty. That’s when John found CleanSpace on our website! He gave us a call and we sent Jeff Smith one of our System Design Specialist out to meet with John. Jeff explained how CleanSpace could have such a long warranty. CleanSpace is a super durable: 20mil thick, 7-layer polyethylene composition, with polyester cord reinforcement. In other words…it was exactly what John was looking for.

Just a few weeks later the new liner was installed under John’s house, his crawlspace had never looked so great! John crawled around and inspected the work. He was amazed! “ I am able to use the space for storage now and not worry about ripping the liner, its great! “ John said when we followed up with him a few weeks later. He had even recommend Clean Space to friends and family in Boise, Lewiston, PostFalls and Mascow! 

David's Dream Deck in Boise!

David from Boise spent all spring building his dream deck. David's brother in-law told him to dig a 3ft deep hole and fill it with concrete as the footing to support the structure above.  Because his brother in-law is a contractor, David took his advice. By the end of spring David had his dream patio finish just in time for the summer.

Summer storms left 6 inches of water in David's back yard turning it in to a swamp. When the water was gone David walked around inspecting the damage.  As he stood back away from the patio, he noticed it was lower on one end. He could see that the water had moved the soil down lower and now his newly built deck was less than perfect. He knew he could fix this issue but that it could turn into a reoccurring issue over the years and David was just ready to enjoy his deck.

David jumped on the web and searched in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Mountain Home, Twin Falls, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Garden City, Ontario and Pocatello. He was looking for a long-term stabilization product for his deck. He knew that with a long-term stabilization product he wouldn’t have to worry about this issue for a very long time.

That’s when David gave us a call!   

We sent one of our foundation specialists out to look at the deck. Our EZ Post Helical Support System was exactly the product David was looking for! In addition to offering the utmost strength and stability, EZ Post offers many other benefits over traditional concrete footing. Installation can be completed year round. EZ Posts are also installed deeper than traditional concrete footings, making them less susceptible to changing moisture content in the soil. But what David loved the most was the 5 year warranty.

Now David can sit back and enjoy his deck year after year with no issues.

David's Dream Deck in Boise! - Photo 1
Work Requests From Boise, ID
Vicinity of Longmont Ave. in Boise
Crawlspace waterproof restoration estimate
Vicinity of W Kootenai St in Boise
Uneven floors
Vicinity of N Christine St in Boise
We are in the process of selling our house and the buyers have requested us to replace the vapor barrier under the house; the house is approx. 1400 sq feet. Could we please get a quote. Thanks
Vicinity of W Bigwood Drive in Boise
Under the house it's wet needs to be dry
Vicinity of S Sedum Way in Boise
I've noticed a few areas where my foundation seems to be crumbling. I'd like someone to take a look at and tell me if it's normal or something to be concerned about.
Vicinity of BOGUS BASIN ROAD in Boise
Interested in crawl space clean up, insulation, waterproofing / encapsulation for my home.
Vicinity of S. Roosevelt in Boise
When it rains a lot or when the snow melts water leaks into the basement on the north side of my home.
Vicinity of Wellspring Ave in Boise
Bought our house last year, a section of the crawlspace was found to not have vapor barrier during the home inspection. I'm not sure if any of the remaining vapor barrier is installed correctly either. I'd like someone to tell me what the crawlspace needs and how much it would cost.
Vicinity of W Whirlaway Drive in Boise
I just purchased a 28-year-old home. I'm interested in getting as conditioned crawl space.
Vicinity of in Boise
There is a sagging joint in the center of my house. Crawl space is very limited. House built in 1947. Hoping a jack should alleviate the sagging. Thanks!
Vicinity of W. Regan Ave in Boise
Came home from a weekend away to find a 12x8 section of our basement carpet waterlogged. When we tore out the carpet, we found a floor drain under it (we just bought the house and the basement was already finished). We're not sure if the water came up from the floor drain somehow, or from a leak in the wall or floor with all the hard rain recently. The water was clear and not smelly, like rainwater or household water.
Vicinity of N Mackenzie Ln in Boise
All the water from my neighbors house drains onto mine
Vicinity of W. Scardale Ct. in Boise
Basement flooding from rain
Vicinity of W. Irving St. in Boise
Vicinity of W Ranch Rad in Boise
Water is leaking through daylight basement wall into downstairs bedroom, near floor
Vicinity of W Franklin in Boise
Looks like there is a slow leak into the basement. The house is vacant and a key is hidden on property. I have someone that can meet if needed.
Vicinity of E Curling Dr in Boise
I am a builder with a 9 month old home with conditioned crawl and we have gnats I also have another home with slight water intrusion
Vicinity of E. Anemone Ct. in Boise
Water in crawlspace
Vicinity of N Hillview Dr in Boise
I have two bonus rooms in basement and would like egress windows cut.
Vicinity of W Florida Dr in Boise
South side of the house is lower than the north side. I would like to get an estimate to see what it might take to level it out.
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