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Case Studies

Case Studies

Wall cracks can be an unsettling sight to a homeowner for a couple of reasons. First, the appearance of wall cracks could mean that there are other house problems that may...
A home in Rigby, Idaho had uneven floors, cracks in interior and exterior walls, and moisture problems in the crawl space.
Homeowners from Shelley, Idaho noticed that one corner of their foundation had started to slope downwards. Although the foundation hadn't cracked yet, the homeowners wanted...
Troy has a cabin in Sun Valley and every year for Christmas all of his family will drive up from Nampa, Caldwell, Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Twin...
One fall we came across a family who had a large leak in a root cellar under their house. We have worked with a few root and potato cellars before but the location of this...
In Ketchum, Idaho, two homeowners decided to prepare for the coming winter. They were concerned that water might find a way into their crawlspace and cause mildew, mold, or...
This is a question we get asked so often during the winter months!  We get asked if the job or appointment should just wait until the spring because of the snow. This...
Cracks appearing in the walls and foundations of a homeowner's house can be unnerving to a wide range of homeowners. Homeowners in Boise, upon noticing these sudden cracks...
New water drainage system installation.
Having water appear where it shouldn't be is never a good situation for a homeowner. The owners of this Boise house, after 2 & 1/2 years of owning the home, suddenly discovered...
This homeowner had water seeping into the basement through the wall and puddling onto the floor.  When they pulled off the drywall to see what was going on, they found...
We were contacted by Boise homeowners because they were unhappy with the water intrusion in their basement year after year.  Water was seeping into their finished basement...
This homeowner in Boise, ID recently purchased a home that had several cracks in the basement and foundation walls. The homeowner decided to not worry about the cracks, initially....
Local homeowners contacted Foundation Supportworks of Idaho concerned with the loss of heat in a bedroom.  The air from the vent seemed cold and the room's floor was...
A couple in Boise, Idaho had water entering into their basement.  Upon investigation, they found the source of the leak to be their old window wells.  The window...
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