Case Studies

Case Studies

Crawlspace Repaired  in Bloomington, ID
You can hardly tell this is the same crawlspace with the SmartJacks installed!   The SmartJack™ Crawl Space Stabilizer is an adjustable supplemental...
Water issues in Paris, ID
They called us because they had failing walls and water problems.
What is a egress window?
What is the purpose of an egress window?
Helical Piers Solve Wall Crack Woes in Preston, ID
Wall cracks can be an unsettling sight to a homeowner for a couple of reasons. First, the appearance of wall cracks could mean that there are other house problems that may...
Basement Issues in Soda Springs
Ackerman, Was having water issues with water coming into her basement, So we installed Waterguard and a Super Sump Pump to remove all the water. We restored the walls with...
Helical Piers to fix it in Grace, ID
Part of the garage has settled. He says he needs helical piers to fix it.
Unfinished Crawl Space with Water Damage Fixed in Victor, ID
Homeowners' have an unfinished crawl space. After a rainfall there is six inches of standing water that appears in various spots throughout the space. There is vapor barrier...
A customer called to see if we dig out crawlspaces. Meaning they wanted us to make the crawlspace deeper. Which we don’t do.
A customer called because his basement was damp along with the basement walls. The crawlspace was dirt there was nothing to keep water from coming in.  
Severe sagging floors and settlement in Downey, ID
Severe sagging floors and settlement in Downey, ID we did smart jacks and push piers 
Continuous Water Intrusion in Basement Solved in Ashton, ID
Concerned homeowners noted that one corner of their house was experiencing a water leak. They have owned the home for fifty years and every spring some water intrudes. They...
Water in Basement in Ashton, ID
Mr.Hossner was noticing water on his carpet. 
Homeowners from Shelley, Idaho noticed that one corner of their foundation had started to slope downwards. Although the foundation hadn't cracked yet, the homeowners wanted...
SaniDry job in Ririe, ID
SaniDry™ XP Basement Dehumidifier Make your basement as comfortable as your upstairs living space The SaniDry™ XP Basement Air System is a powerful and effective...
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