Case Studies

Case Studies

CrawlSpace SmartJacks install  in Moore, ID
Ms. Wing called us to do an install in her crawlspace. 
Support Issues in Fairfield, ID
Mr. Stewart's home was having support issues.
Encapsulation vs Vapor Barrier
Often times we get asked what's the difference between Encapsulation and Vapor Barrier, and why is our white liner better than that black plastic laid down when your house...
Unfinished Crawl Space with Water Damage Fixed in Victor, ID
Homeowners' have an unfinished crawl space. After a rainfall there is six inches of standing water that appears in various spots throughout the space. There is vapor barrier...
Damp Basement?
A customer called because his basement was damp along with the basement walls. The crawlspace was dirt there was nothing to keep water from coming in.  
Crawlspace need some help
Wants us to look at crawlspace, and see what we would recommend to seal it up better.
Water in Basement in Ashton, ID
Mr.Hossner was noticing water on his carpet. 
Continuous Water Intrusion in Basement Solved in Ashton, ID
Concerned homeowners noted that one corner of their house was experiencing a water leak. They have owned the home for fifty years and every spring some water intrudes. They...
Crawlspace need some help in Island Park, ID
Wants us to look at crawlspace, and see what we would recommend to seal it up better.
Turtle door to crawlspace in Montpelier, ID
Don't have the best entrance to your crawlspace? One of our recent customers noticed their floors were starting to sag. They then called us and we go them on the schedule...
Crawlspace Repaired  in Bloomington, ID
You can hardly tell this is the same crawlspace with the SmartJacks installed!   The SmartJack™ Crawl Space Stabilizer is an adjustable supplemental...
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