Work Requests in Idaho Falls

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Learn more about Foundation Supportworks of Idaho's recent work requests in Idaho Falls, ID
Vicinity of Clarence Drive in Idaho Falls
Hi, I have two window wells that need to be replaced (they have separated from the foundation and are allowing water/debris to enter basement). Im interested in replacing wells, sealing foundation area, inspecting existing windows, adding rock/gravel under and around wells. Thanks, Ryan
Vicinity of Capstone Dr in Idaho Falls
Unfinished basement is leaking when it rains, can't tell if it's a crack or what but water is coming through. It is near a spot that looks like it might be a pocket when they poured the concrete where aggregate is slightly visible.
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
Crawl space odors from mice. I am working with a professional pest service and once the critters are gone, I will need to deal with the crawl space and a small basement ( ~ 10' x 10') that has areas that need sealed and then treat for the odors created by the mice.
Vicinity of Hill Street in Idaho Falls
Basement flooded last week, 1st time. Need to have someone look at the foundation what needs done on the outside and inside to fix the problem.
Vicinity of Alayssa Dr in Idaho Falls
Window wells fill up with water, need sump pumps installed.
Vicinity of S Country Club Dr in Idaho Falls
Flooding in basement window wells
Vicinity of E. Nibley Circle in Idaho Falls
I have a crack in the foundation that has leaked water in my basement. I have torn out the wall and insulation from the area that is cracked. I need a visit and an estimate ASAP, please. Thank you!
Vicinity of Brookcliff Dr in Idaho Falls
Water keeps leaking into our basement not sure what's wrong
Vicinity of E Nibley Circle in Idaho Falls
Crack in foundation leaks everytime it rains.
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
We are building a new home and we have a couple of cracks in our foundation as they have started building. We need to know how serious they are and what we can do to repair them. Please let me know when you have a chance.
Vicinity of Maurine Street in Idaho Falls
Hello, I have one vertical foundation crack and a hole from a removed stove pipe that I would like to get repaired.
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
Our foundation leaks. We also have drainage issues around our window well. The home was built 2 yrs ago and has poor grading and there is a 4 inch gap where the basement concrete walls don't meet.
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
My crawlspace had water in it last Spring (2017) and another company was going to come out and fix it, but they never did and I think there might be mold growing in there.
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
Hello, I am looking for solutions to stop water infiltration into a structure. There is a driveway that slants below grade into a room. Rainwater freely flows into the room at this time. The room needs to be completely dry at all time. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Sang
Vicinity of N Blue Grass Lane in Idaho Falls
Carpet along outer wall of basement is soaked, with a very musty smell. Just noticed it. Have bedrooms downstairs. Home is 2 years old.
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
We took down a porch and found an open space in our foundation where animals have been able to get under the house, concerned about feces, moisture and possible mold. Plan to enclose and secure our foundation but would liked it clean and healthy before we do
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
Damaged foundation on the corner of the house.
Vicinity of S Harborfront Ct. in Idaho Falls
Concrete retaining wall 9 foot tall tilted at top
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
153,000 square foot warehouse constructed of tilt up sandwich panels has one corner which has sunk about 1-1/2" and is crushing windows at the top of the panel. We would like to restore the foundation to its original location.
Vicinity of Melody Drive in Idaho Falls
Water seepage in basement. Happened last year after a particularly heavy rain and just noticed again after snow melted.
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
Installation of Two egress windows in basement bedrooms.
Vicinity of Cassia Ave in Idaho Falls
My Dad built his own house and hired a contractor to do the footings and foundation and neither the contractor and my Dad didn't seal the footings and foundation. ON the south side of the house water is seeping into the crawl space. I just discovered this last weekend on inspection. About 30 to 50 feet needs to be excavated to be able to seal the foundation. I am taking care of this issue for my Dad he is getting up in years so he leaves this kind of thing up to me. I live in Pocatello and if we can set up a time when we can get together and go over what we have. the contact info is Me
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
Basement has leaks. Had mold and mold remediation has been done. Room is bare to the studs. Leak detection by thermal Imaging. I would like a bid to repair
Vicinity of N Oscar Ave in Idaho Falls
Crack in wall of basement. Need to repair to finish basement living area
Vicinity of Stillwater Circle in Idaho Falls
Vicinity of Linden Drive in Idaho Falls
Foundation crumbling,
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
Cracked foundation about 5 feet
Vicinity of Cleveland in Idaho Falls
House is missing a part of foundation due to it breaking off other parts are water collapsed.
Vicinity of East Lorna Ave in Idaho Falls
My basment floor is starting to crack in several places
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
Leaky foundation at mother in laws house
Vicinity of Linden in Idaho Falls
The north west corner of the garage has settled and cracked the mortar between some bricks.
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
1905 old home Basement leaking from outside when water hose on outside. Need estimate asap.
Vicinity of in Idaho Falls
Foundation has minor leak, there are cracks that i can see.
Vicinity of Riviera Dr. in Idaho Falls
We have a vertical crack in our basement/foundation wide enough to fit a quarter into at some points.
Vicinity of Matchpoint Dr in Idaho Falls
Water leakage into basement level of home.
Vicinity of McKinzie Ave. in Idaho Falls
We have water coming in one room of the basement. There don't appear to be any cracks in the foundation. We suspect the tar or wrap on the foundation has broken down and we're getting seepage. Looking to re-wrap that portion of the foundation or perhaps your people have a better idea of how water is getting in.
Vicinity of Elmore Ave in Idaho Falls
The cinder blocks on the back of the house are broken
Vicinity of Coronado St in Idaho Falls
Two separate cracks in exterior wall. Water leaks into storage room and laundry room

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