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Foundation Supportworks of Idaho is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Pocatello. Learn more about Foundation Supportworks of Idaho's recent work requests in Pocatello and nearby areas!

Learn more about Foundation Supportworks of Idaho's recent work requests in Pocatello, ID
Vicinity of in Pocatello
We found a crack in our foundation that rundown from a window. We were hoping to fix it and maybe add a retrofit escapable window.
Vicinity of in Pocatello
We know that the foundation by the crawlspace has sunk. There is now a 1+ inch gap between the foundation and the house. The house is currently kept level because of the foundation for the fireplace, which does not appear to have sunk.
Vicinity of Lish Street in Pocatello
I live in a single wide I need it re-leveled it may be better structured it's been here since the 70s and I'm doing some repairs and home-improvement I would like a quote from professionals they guarantee their work
Vicinity of N HAYES AVE in Pocatello
We noticed a crack in our foundation wall in the basement when doing some home repairs and would like to have it evaluated. It is near some water damage, so we are not sure if it is due to the water damage, if it is a structural issue, or both. We would like to have someone come out an inspect it. Thanks!
Vicinity of W Elm St in Pocatello
I was wondering if it would be possible to get an estimate for a major foundation repair on a house I am considering buying. The house is for sale, and it has obvious foundation issues, and I would like to know how much it would cost to fix it before making an offer. Would this be possible? Thanks so much!
Vicinity of Monte Vista in Pocatello
Have a rental property in a slope during spring or heavy rain one said of building can flood. Looking into installing a french drain. Thanks
Vicinity of in Pocatello
Leak in basement had an evaluation to see source and was told coming from outside in through the wall. Has caused damage to finished rooms and I need another opionion as well as quote to repair
Vicinity of S Grant in Pocatello
I have a foundational corner on the bottom story of my foundation that is cracked andCrumbling
Vicinity of Taney Lane in Pocatello
Water has flooded portion of basement, been in this house for 9 years without a problem. House was built in 1950s. Suspicious of a couple cracks in the foundation. Would love some expertise/assessment and a quote for resolution of the problem. Thank you!
Vicinity of Augusta Dr. in Pocatello
Have a basement leak into the house from outside snow melt
Vicinity of Prospector Hollow Lane in Pocatello
We have a leak in our basement. We think it comes from a hole in the floor adjacent our garage via a poor concrete pour.
Vicinity of Gail Dr in Pocatello
We have water coming in our basement where the wall meets the floor. We would like an estimate for fixing the leak.
Vicinity of Foxmore St in Pocatello
I have a crack in my foundation and some water seeping in. Need an estimate on repairs before Sheetrock goes on the walls.
Vicinity of Redman St in Pocatello
Multiple water intrusions through cracks located at bottom of egress windows in the basement. Need to repair.
Vicinity of Warren in Pocatello
Rain and melting snow leaking into basement. Unsure of how it's getting in.
Vicinity of E Alameda Rd in Pocatello
I have a crack in my foundation that is pouring water into my basement. the crack cannot be accessed from the outside due to its location. It is buried and under the garage. Ground water pressed against my house and comes through the crack.
Vicinity of East Terry Street in Pocatello
We have a couple small leaks into our basement. We think the original from cracks in our concrete driveway and/or sidewalk. The leaks occur when standing pools of water form on the driveway or sidewalk, during snowmelt or hard rains. The leaks are up to a gallon/hour under the worst conditions.
Vicinity of Sunrise Way in Pocatello
Small isolated leak in the basement. Probably coming in from the front door area.
Vicinity of Northstar Drive in Pocatello
Crack in basement floor growing larger
Vicinity of in Pocatello
Corner of house has settled, floor is uneven in entry way.
Vicinity of Billy Ln in Pocatello
I have a 50 year old cabin in the palisades Idaho area with foundation problems and sinking deck. the ground is unstable and moving. cabin is on a slab and is leaning and deck supports moving downhill. need to address this problem before it is unrepairable.
Vicinity of Pole Line Rd in Pocatello
Leaking foundation after heavy rains and irrigation in old home.
Vicinity of in Pocatello
Basement leaks when it rains. Noticeable primarily in one location in a closet on an exterior wall.
Vicinity of N Lincoln Ave in Pocatello
The house has slopping floors and i believe the North wall foundation is complete washed out
Vicinity of Randolph Ave in Pocatello
Two basement foundation cracks that we would like to have fixed
Vicinity of Shoshoni Trail in Pocatello
We recently purchased a home that slopes about 4 inches total from front to back and we're looking at remediation of the problem. It's an older home, built on a slope, go figure. From what I've learned, this helical system is probably the most stable and cost effective means of returning the home to level. Rory
Vicinity of Goldfield Dr. in Pocatello
Corner of the basement start leaking during heaving rains. And the outside lawn usually get fairly wet.
Vicinity of Via Valdarno in Pocatello
There are some minor looking cracks on the outside of the foundation of the home we just bought in November. The inspector suggested having them sealed.

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