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Foundation Supportworks of Idaho Case Studies: CleanSpace and Vent Covers in Ketchum, ID

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 by Lurinda Lam


In Ketchum, Idaho, two homeowners decided to prepare for the coming winter. They were concerned that water might find a way into their crawlspace and cause mildew, mold, or rot to appear in their house.  Wanting to take care of things as soon as possible, they called Foundation Supportworks of Idaho for a free inspection and estimate. Our expert visited the home, inspected the crawlspace, and explained the best way to prevent water and water damage under the house.  


The homeowners had Foundation Supportworks install our heavy duty CleanSpace liner to prevent groundwater from seeping up into the crawlspace.  They also had vent covers installed to help prevent not only water from entering the crawlspace, but also bugs, rodents, and other undesirables.


After the project was completed the home owners were very relieved that they were now adequately protected for the winter and beyond. And thankful for the speedy installation!

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