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Foundation Supportworks of Idaho Case Studies: Foundation Damage in Council, ID ?

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 by Kalli Abell


There are many signs that your foundation has damage but you may not notice or be aware that they are warning signs there is a problem. 




  • Cracks in brickwork - these come in all shapes and sizes but depending on the specific problem you have occurring is a definite sign of foundation issues and a contributor to cracked drywall.

  • Cracks in corners - If you have vinyl siding or other siding material often times the shifting of your foundation can cause separation issues and widening gaps between pieces of siding.

  • Cracks in the floor - Whether you have ceramic tiles, concrete slab floors, etc. cracks in the floor are a sure sign of settling or shifting of your foundation. These problems only worsen over time if not stopped.

  • Cracks in drywall - these are the most commonly noticed issues by homeowners. One second your drywall looks great the next you notice a hairline crack starting that gets bigger and bigger over months or years. This is a sign you have foundation problems that need to be resolved. These problems are causing the foundation to shift and your walls to move to result in cracks.

  • Gaps in door frames or windows - ever notice a window or door suddenly becoming really tight? How about large gaps forming around them? These are both signs that your walls have moved and likely a result of foundation issues.

  • Leaning chimney - If you have a chimney that seems to be leaning away from your home there is a good chance the foundation below has sunk resulting in the lean. 


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