Flooding from Groundwater in Idaho

Thursday, January 7th, 2016 by Lauralei Beattie

Flooding from Groundwater in Idaho - Image 1


The snow is melting! Do you know what that means? Well everyone knows that snow is "atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals” and we all know what happens when the snow melts right? IT TURNS TO WATER! Now instead of a snow covered back yard you have a swampy mess. All of that snow water is now groundwater. During this time of the year Idaho has plenty of groundwater, water that moves around in soil. When groundwater levels get high it’s usually our crawlspaces that suffer. If your crawlspace is not encapsulated correctly and/or you don not have a sump pump working properly you could find your crawlspace flooded! Other issues caused by ground water could include leaking basement walls, bowing walls and settling foundations. It’s definitely smarter to invest in your crawl space now then wait to find out what other issue could arise. 



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