Why you should Waterproof your Basement

Friday, July 22nd, 2022 by Callie Finck

Did you know you can reduce the risk of flood? 

Basement leaks are commonly caused by cracks in the wall or foundation. Soil can absorb the water from rainstorms or snow and release it into the basement if there is an opening. People often leave personal items downstairs, and not only do the items get damaged, but the overall environment of the basement is damaged too. If you cover the cracks in the basement with flexispan, CarbonArmor, or any other product, as well as add a sump pump, waterproof barrier, Sedona SaniDRY, waterguard or drain, you will will prevent further damage, save money on energy bills, and experience no floods in the future. Plus if you want to sell your house in the future, you will increase the chances of sale. 


Did you know that water leaks and flooding can actually create moisture in the air, which leads to mold, musty smells, and more? 

The water that leaks or floods into the basement can cause the paint, if there is any, to peel, mold, which can lead to rot, foundation deterioration and so much more. The air quality itself is even affected. The naturally occurring gasses are released by the soil, which is transferring into the basement through the cracks. 


Did you know bugs and other pests are attracted to moisture? 

Certain insects and even reptiles have a strong need for moisture, and if the basement has moisture in the air and the foundation has cracks, those are entry ways for pests to get it and receive moisture. These pests include millipedes, centipedes, roaches, silverfish, termites, and even snakes. Besides water and mold, pests are the last thing a person wants in their house. It is best to prep the basement before this actually does happen, but if it does, get the problem fixed immediately. 


Did you know that moisture can damage more than just the air quality and environment of the basement?

Moisture can cause various problems in a person's home, but surprisingly, it can oxidize metal, damage paper products, as well as floorboards, create mold, which leads to rot, and so much more. The foundation damage will likely be the cause of all these problems. Water can also move upwards in the walls as it evaporates overtime, which can clog the foundation and become more humid than a house with a dry foundation. 

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