Reasons why you should get your Floor fixed

Wednesday, July 27th, 2022 by Callie Finck

Did you know that floor joists can weaken overtime? 

If you walk around your house and you feel uneven spots in the floor, or it seems to be bobbing up and down, its a sign that there is a problem with the floor joists. There are multiple reasons are to why the floor is becoming weak:

  1. The support posts could be sinking or collapsing
  2. The floor joists could have cracks or is deteriorating
  3. There could be problems in the foundation, etc.
  4. Cracks in the walls, windows and doors become loose or tight and it will be either feel like they will fall off or feel harder to close them
  5. The beams in older houses will drift apart 
  6. Moisture 
  7. Lack of support

Are you not fully sure what floor joists are? 

Floor joists are the parts that support the floor underneath. Usually made of stronger wood than the floor itself. They allow accessibility for pipes and wires, but they must be level with the foundation and subfloor to provide full support for the entire house. 


How to check and see if your floors are really sagging?

If you have a basement or crawl space, go down and look at the floor joists and support beams before calling further assistance if needed. However, before going down into these areas, particularly the crawl space, wear a respirator, gloves, use a flashlight or headlight, and possibly a Tyvek suit. If you find moisture or water in the basement or crawlspace, then you have found the biggest factor affect the floorboards. Plus water leads to insects, musty smells, and mold. Insects can actually destroy floor joists over time, specifically termites and powderpost beetles.  


Why do floor joists sag easily in older homes?

Humidity and moisture can cause musty smells, rot, and mold. All of these can actually weaken floor joists and shift the support from the subfloor. Its important to know beforehand how your house was built in order to fix the problem properly or understand to a foreman if you hire one. 


Did you know uneven floors can affect the whole house? 

As mentioned before the walls will have cracks, the windows and doors will either fall apart or become harder to open, allergens and health risks (specifically people with asthma or chronic lung disease) can emerge, floor and wall gaps, and water leaks from cracks all over the house.


Why should you fix your floor at all?

Sagging floors are something that should not be ignored. The more you ignore it, the worse the problem becomes. As mentioned before, moisture, floods, pests, mold, and bacteria can enter the crawlspace or basement if it is not sealed off properly. Plus, if you want to sell your house someday, the more likely the sale will become more successful if you take care of the problem before putting the house on the market. 



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