Reasons why you should Waterproof your Crawl Space

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022 by Callie Finck

What are Crawl Spaces? 

Crawl spaces are unoccupied spaces in houses below the floorboards and provides overall support to the house to keep it standing. They are usually unfinished and similar to basements, but they vented to outside air. Some are bigger than others, but its often called a crawl space because have to crawl in order to move around the area. Wiring and plumbing can be found in a crawl space, and it could be a place for storage if you do not have a basement. However, crawl spaces are extremely prone to moisture and humidity, which can lead to more problems overtime. 


How does neglecting the crawl space affect the whole house?

Often times people don't think about the crawl space when moving into a new home, or overtime, but problems can arise from neglect. Because of the crawl space's surroundings, the most common problem is moisture. Moisture can cause mold, pests, rotting wood, and other related problems, problems which can spread into the upstairs area if the issue is not take care of immediately. Lack of grading and rain gutters can also cause moisture to enter the crawl space, as well as leaks or floods. 


How does the issues in the crawl space affect the whole house?

If there are complications in the crawl space, those problems will eventually reach the upstairs in time. These issues include: 

  1. Floor failure
  2. R-value insulation decrease
  3. Odors
  4. Health issues, such as asthma and in the respiratory system
  5. Pests, termites or snakes
  6. Higher energy and temperature bills
  7. Bad air quality
  8. Damaged drywall
  9. Metal rusting
  10. Floor joists degrading
  11. Personal possessions damaged if stored in the crawl space
  12. Electrical shortages, house fires or rusted wires
  13. Rusted or corroded pipes or ductwork
  14. Affect the sale of your house
  15. Peeling paint
  16. White deposits on crawl space walls

What should you do?

If you start to notice issues early, get assistance as soon as possible. But the most important issue to solve first is the moisture in the crawl space. It is suggested to check twice a year for problems, if you want to schedule an appointment. Common solutions include installing a vapor barrier to insulate and encapsulate the crawl space, make temperature more even, and prevent further moisture. Another solution is to use a Sedona SaniDry to absorb all the moisture, and possible spores, in the air. It turns out that almost half of the air in the first floor of a house comes from the crawl space, so it is important to make sure you are breathing clean air. Installation of grading around the house will help bring moisture away from the environment, as well as repairing gutters and downspouts, adding extensions to downspouts and exit lines to drive water away, waterproofing both the exterior and interior, and of course ventilation. 




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