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Basement To Beautiful Wall Panels

Thursday, December 5th, 2019 by Kalli Abell

What a better way to make your Basement look good? Ever heard of Basement To Beautiful Panels? Well, they are engineered foam panels with integral studs, that are fastened directly to the foundation walls. The panel features a unique, advanced SilverGlo foam insulation with graphite infused throughout the foam. The graphite drives the insulation Value (or “R” value) of the foam up by approximately 24% over conventional Expanded Polystyrene foam by lowering its thermal conductivity. Can you see it now? Your basement can really be transformed by just installing these.


Designed: The Basement To beautiful panels were designed to eliminate the need for conventional wood framing
and fiberglass insulation. The panels have wiring chases that run horizontally at 16” and 64” from the
bottom and one running vertical directly in the center for electrical outlets, wall lighting, etc. The sides of the
panel feature a ship-lap design so the panels connect uniformly to each other. The metal Hat channels run
vertically down the panel at 16” on center and act as a fastening point for Everlast Wall panels, Drywall or
any finishing panel that is being used.

Instructions: How to install? Start by inspecting the walls for any high spots in the masonry, especially with poured concrete walls. High spots may need to be knocked down with a hammer or chisel bit on the hammer drill so the panel sits flat against the wall surface. Then, install the first panel in the far corner away from any doorways, work your way out from the corner to the left and right of where you started. If there are any pipe penetrations, you may want to start there. Measure the height of the walls to determine the size of the panels, cut panels the height of the masonry wall not to the floor joists. Cut to size using a marker and “T” square and cut the panel straight with a circular saw with a 40 tooth carbide tip blade (this blade will cut through the hat channel as well). The use of safety glasses is required. Start by applying 3 evenly spaced vertical stripes of adhesive foam to the back of the panel. Apply panel to wall and using a 4’ level make sure the panel is level. After ensuring the panel is level, mechanically fasten the panel to the wall using 4 of the Basement to BeautifulTM 31⁄2” fasteners by drilling 1⁄4” holes through each of the hat channels 16” down from the top of the panel and 16” below the parting centerline of the panel. Attaching the lower (2) fasteners first then the upper fasteners (2) a minimum of (4) fasteners should be used per 32” panel, and more where added weight load is expected on the wall.  

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