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SumpPump installed wrong in Hagerman, ID
A job we did for Mr. Jackson,  The contractor that built his house ( a little over 3 years ago) had installed an illegal sump pump. About three months after they moved...
Homeowners of eleven years have had constant water problems with their basement. Every snow melt, water intrudes into the basement. Even with two sump pumps in the basement,...
Can McCall, Idaho snow become an issue?
This is a question we get asked so often during the winter months!  We get asked if the job or appointment should just wait until the spring because of the snow. This...
Siding off because of your foundation sinking ?
This customer called because he noticed his siding looked a little funny. So he asked us to come out to make sure his foundation was a level. 
Sinking Cabin Resolved in Garden Valley, ID
A homeowner was starting to see signs of a sinking foundation inside their cabin. The cabin is located on the side of a hill, and contains a crawl space that is eight feet...
Geo-Lock for retaining wall in Garden Valley, ID
Tim called Foundation Supportworks of Idaho because his retaining wall was showing signs of leaning. This was caused by the soil which was pushing against the wall. To fix...
PushPier job in Wallace, ID
Mr. Bajza called because his house was settling on the right side of his home.  
Home Settling in Hammett, ID
A gentleman's home in Hammett, ID was settling on the east side. We recommended for an install of Push Piers 
Extreme foundation issues in Bruneau, ID
A home in Bruneau, ID had some major settling. Causing the home to separate, become unlevel as well as cracks forming all over the outside and inside of the home.  
Basement Perimeter Drain Installation in Cascade, ID
Property owners from Helena, MT contacted us about a property they were selling in Cascade that was experiencing major water problems. For the last four years, since the house...
Leaking basements are a thing in the past!
Leaking basements are a thing in the past! We have a solution that will keep your basement dry for good! Let talk about 
PushPiers install in Mullan, ID
 Because the walls of this home had major settling! 
House Sinking in Idaho City, Idaho
The entire back portion of the home was sinking and pulling away. They noticed cracks in walls and the slab floor was separating as well
Helical Piers install in Kamiah, ID
Home was settling needed more support 
SmartJacks install in Osburn, ID
Lives on a sandy hill. And needs a jack system for her crawlspace 
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