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Advantages of the EZ Post Helical Pier System

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018 by Colton Herzog

A porch, deck, or patio is traditionally built by pouring shallow concrete as the foundation to support everything above. This is an idea that works untill there is shifting of that concrete foundation, causing major damage. A shifting concrete foundation can be caused by alteration of soil due to weight of the foundation, frost heave, and wetting and drying of the soil. These are drawbacks of the traditional method of using shallow concrete footing as support for structures above. The EZ Post helical support system provides support for many outdoor structures and are the best option for long term stability.

EZ Posts provide support to a wide variety of structures such as decks, patios, sun rooms, pergolas, solar panels, storage buildings, and boardwalks. If you are building one of these structures or already have one of these structures that is starting to settle and shift, EZ Posts are an ideal choice to be used for structural support. With no concrete cure time to worry about, they can be installed year round in a timely manner. They also are able to be installed in tight and awkward spaces becasue of how portable the installation equipment is. Finally, they have a much longer lifespan than traditonal concrete footing, and bear depth below frost, making winters no longer a concern for homeowners. Installation of the EZ Post helical pier system is a simple five step process.

First, pier installation locations are determined, marked, and noted. Then the piers are forwarded deep into the soil with minimal excavation. Next the deck post brackets are connected to the top of the piers that are exposed above the soil and then deck posts are attached to the brackets. Finally construction of the structure resumes, and homeowners can rest assured that the EZ Post helical pier system will provide the long-term stability and strength that they were looking for.

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