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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Helical Piers Solve Wall Crack Woes in Preston, ID

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 by Houston Miller


Wall cracks can be an unsettling sight to a homeowner for a couple of reasons. First, the appearance of wall cracks could mean that there are other house problems that may need addressing as well. The appearance of wall cracks might also make a homeowner believe that the solution to their problem might require multiple solutions to permanently fix the problem. These homeowners in Parma had these same thoughts. After a brutal winter, the homeowners discovered that one exterior wall of their house had developed a large crack spanning most of the wall. They also noticed that the house had started to settle more on the side of the house with the crack. After searching around and trying to find the best and most straight-forward solution, they discovered and called Foundation Supportworks of Idaho to come out and fix their problem for good!


Fixing the homeowners' problem was a straight-forward fix. Helical Piers were installed under the part of the house where the foundation was settling and where the wall had major cracks appearing. Helical piers work by lifting and stabilizing the settling foundation. This helps close the wall cracks as well as get rid of any issues caused by a settling foundation. The homeowners were glad to have their wall crack woes finally solved!

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