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Old Cement Pier failing your home?
Foundation- uneven floor. A really old cabin, had a cement pier put in and everything around the pier has sunk
Wall Sinking?
Mr. Smith, called us because he had a wall that was sinking and tipping.
Home Settling in Pinehurst, ID
Mr. Sullivan called us because he knew he was having settlement issues on one side of his home   
Finishing Basement in Hope, ID
The owner of the home in Hope, ID was planning on finishing their basement, yet there are some visual cracks in the wall and floor and flooding issue that made them concerned...
CarbonArmor To the Rescue!
Cracks appearing in the walls and foundations of a homeowner's house can be unnerving to a wide range of homeowners. Homeowners in Boise, upon noticing these sudden cracks...
Sinking Deck Fixed With Helical Piers in Boise ID
Homeowners in Boise met with a structural engineer when their deck unexpectedly started to sink. The structural engineer suggested helical piers as the best solution...
Vertical Hairline Cracks Fixed in Boise, ID
We received a call from a concerned homeowner after he found vertical hairline cracks around the vents in his crawl space. He first noticed that as he was walking around on...
Failing Basement Walls?
This customer had an ongoing problem with his foundation that he could not fix on his own. His basement walls were failing and leaning inward. Finally, they called us to see...
FloodRing and WaterGuard in Boise
New water drainage system installation.
Having water appear where it shouldn't be is never a good situation for a homeowner. The owners of this Boise house, after 2 & 1/2 years of owning the home, suddenly discovered...
Basement Waterproofing with FlexiSpan
This homeowner had water seeping into the basement through the wall and puddling onto the floor.  When they pulled off the drywall to see what was going on, they found...
Don't Settle for a Wet Basement
We were contacted by Boise homeowners because they were unhappy with the water intrusion in their basement year after year.  Water was seeping into their finished basement...
Fixed! No more water coming through crack in basement wall in Boise, ID!
This homeowner in Boise, ID recently purchased a home that had several cracks in the basement and foundation walls. The homeowner decided to not worry about the cracks, initially....
Sinking Home Solved With SmartJacks in Boise, ID
Homeowners gave us a call when they noticed several signs of sinking in a corner of their home.  They noticed a gap between the baseboards and the floor in all bedrooms...
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