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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Basement Perimeter Drain Installation in Cascade, ID

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 by Colton Herzog


Property owners from Helena, MT contacted us about a property they were selling in Cascade that was experiencing major water problems. For the last four years, since the house was built, the basement consistently flooded every spring. This spring however, was the worst. There was visible mold, visible moisture problems, and the entire basement space was covered with up to four inches of water.


Upon examination of the issue, our experts decided that installation of both WaterGuard, and a Supersump sump pump, would solve the problem. A trench was dug down to the footing of the wall for preparation of the installation of WaterGuard. Experts then installed WaterGuard around the permiter of the basement, even through and under the walls. This allowed water seeping up from the ground to be collected and sent to a Supersump sump pump, which was positioned in a closet out of sight. With both products successfully installed, the property owners' problems were quickly fixed.  With our transferrable warranty, the home owners knew the investment would help with the sale of their property.

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