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Crawl Space Repair Case Studies

Unfinished Crawl Space with Water Damage Fixed in Victor, ID
Homeowners' have an unfinished crawl space. After a rainfall there is six inches of standing water that appears in various spots throughout the space. There is vapor barrier...
Flooded Crawl Space Fixed in Salmon, ID
A homeowner was in close proximity to a creek. When the water level of the creek would rise, water would begin to enter his crawl space. He already had a sump pump installed...
A nasty crawlspace in Salmon, ID
Mrs. Brothers was quoted a SmartPipe, SmartSump, SaniDry, & CleanSpace- She called us because she had a nasty crawlspace that was wet and muddy.
Moldy/Musty Crawlspace  in Salmon, ID
Mr. Miller, He had an old rough crawlspace. There was water down there and a moldy/musty smell. We installed SmartPipe & SuperSump. 
In Ketchum, Idaho, two homeowners decided to prepare for the coming winter. They were concerned that water might find a way into their crawlspace and cause mildew, mold, or...
Water in crawlspace in Stanley, ID
Mr. & Mrs. Hudson's home had an existing sump pump that was not keeping up with the water or keeping the crawlspace dry. Due to all the moisture, they were starting...
Make My Home Warmer in Winter
Local homeowners contacted Foundation Supportworks of Idaho concerned with the loss of heat in a bedroom.  The air from the vent seemed cold and the room's floor was...
We were contacted by a couple who noticed that their home was not heating and cooling evenly.  The master bedroom and bathroom were always much hotter or cooler than...
CleanSpace our Boise, ID Crawl Space
We were contaced by this homeowner after they noticed a musty smell coming from their crawl space.  When they went down to take a look, they were shocked at what they...
SilverGlo Insulation with CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System
Homeowners noticed evident water damage with no standing water upon crawl space inspection.  They also expressed concern of cold floors.
Water Damaged Crawlspace Solved in Boise, ID
Homeowners called in with concerns about moisture in their crawl space. They not only noticed that their crawlspace was accumulating water on the walls but standing water...
Mary Denardi
The owners had had water problems in their crawl space in the past so our specialist had to diagnose why that was happening without actually seeing where the water was coming...
Crawl Space Moisture and Odor Problem Solved in Lewiston, ID.
A couple was proud owners of a 1925 home. They began to notice a strong musty odor originating up from the crawl space. They went to take a look and found that the vapor barrier...
Wet Walk-in Crawl Space Fixed in Post Falls, ID
Homeowners had vapor barrier in their walk-in crawl space that wasn't even attached anywhere. Water was pooling up both on top and beneath the barrier because of this dis-attachment....
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