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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Sinking Cabin Resolved in Garden Valley, ID

Saturday, August 25th, 2018 by Colton Herzog


A homeowner was starting to see signs of a sinking foundation inside their cabin. The cabin is located on the side of a hill, and contains a crawl space that is eight feet high. When they went down to examine the crawl space, they found that there were some support posts that had moved. These posts were not touching or supporting the weight above. They were getting this cabin ready to put on the market and wanted to fix this problem before listing. Through a friend they heard about us, and then they gave us a call. We sent over our expert quickly, to examine the problem.



After our expert took a look, it was decided that the best fix for this would be smart jacks. The corner of the house that we installed smart jacks in, were actually able to lift it back up to its original position. This made it look as if no settling had occured from inside the house. The homeowner was pleased with our work and how fast it was completed. They did not realize how easy and convenient it was to install smart jacks. Now this worry free homeowner can list the cabin like originally planned.

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